IKHLAS CLINIC NIAGA TAKAFUL is a comprehensive coverage for medical officers, doctors or general practitioners who operates clinics, dental, minor surgeries and the like.

What are the covers / benefits provided in IKHLAS CLINIC NIAGA ?

Fire and Allied Perils in

Coverage : Fire, lightning, aircraft damage, earthquake and volcanic eruption, storm tempest, flood, explosion , impat damage, bursting and overflowing of water tanks, pipes and apparatus, riot, strike, and malicious damage, and electrical installation.


Loss of or damage to property covered as the direct result of burglary. Minimum protection shall include all entrances/ exits including windows.


Loss of monies or damage caused by thieves to any safe or strong room belonging to the Takaful Participant at the covered premises.

Public Liability

Indemnification of legal liability to third parties for costs and expenses in respect of bodily injuries/deaths and/or  property damages, sustained in connection with the business of the Takaful Participant.

Comprehensive Perils ( non-moveable property )

Loss or damage of covered machinery and equipment caused by fire, theft and other accidental means except as excluded in the Takaful Certificate.

Group Personal Accident

On death and permanent disablement.

This IKHLAS CLINIC NIAGA TAKAFUL is very suitable for every clinic owners to cover themselves and worry less about the financial liability should the needs arise.

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Cover your office with IKHLAS OFFICE NIAGA 


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